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Elements Workshop

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Elements Workshop

This is where everyone should start.

This will put you on a pathway that will guide you in the right direction with all of your choices.

Essential Elements Workshops are right for everyone at every skill level. The new bowler will avoid the distractions and roadblocks ahead and the more experienced bowler will eliminate the confusion that has caused havoc on our sport and industry.

Workshops can be arranged anywhere in the world and can done in person or through video conferencing.

In Person Elements Workshop costs are expenses plus:

  • 2,500 USD for 10-15 member groups
  • 3,000 USD for 16-20 member groups
  • 3,500 USD for 21-25 member groups
  • 4,000 USD for 26-30 member groups
  • 4,500 USD for 31-35 member groups
  • 5,000 USD for 36-40 member groups
  • 5,500 USD for 41-45 member groups
  • 6,000 USD for 46-50 member groups

** expenses vary depending on where we go in the world and will be coordinated between the host and the BowlU presenter. We will work with the host to help reduce cost whenever possible.**


Video Conferencing will save the cost of expenses

There are no group size restrictions but we need to know the size of the group well in advance so we can coordinate the number of coaches required. 

Workshops offer the local host and group member participants discount opportunities

Those who sign up for this workshop as an individual will be charged full price and directed to an online introductory course. If you sign up for the workshop as an individual and then participate in a local workshop you will be discounted at the time of the workshop based on the group member discount.