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  • The Rotation Block

    The Rotation Block

    "The Block" teaches everything you need to know about creating, training, and monitoring rotation.    Note: Because we are hand pouring all of the training tools and working with these materials is still very much a learning process for us,...

  • The Feel Ball

    The Feel Ball

    Feel is the common denominator of all great athletes. Great athletes just assume everyone has it, but the reality is that feel must be mindfully trained. It's said that feel can't be taught, but BowlU is happy to say we can change that. "The Ball" is the...

  • Ball Motion Triangle

    Ball Motion Triangle

    The easiest way to learn and/or teach "Good Ball Motion"  This shortens the learning curve by years. Easily applied to the lane using electrical tape. We offer them in 4, 5, and 6 degrees (entry angle). Our recommendation is 4 degrees.  

  • Join The BowlU Nation (Loyalty Deserves Loyalty)

    Join The BowlU Nation (Loyalty Deserves Loyalty)

    This will give you access to the BowlU Nation communication groups and a personal training program entitled "The BowlU Way". Loyalty Deserves Loyalty is an everyday formula for BowlU President Rick Benoit (He will only answer bowling questions from...

4 of 4 Items